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Our purpose is to amplify the Voice of the Baby, at home, at work, in the media, and in the world, to facilitate desired outcomes for babies and their families in every environment 

Just like a baby, we are starting out small but watch this space and see us grow! 

Parental Leave Newborn Wellbeing and Support Program

Available online exclusively to employees taking parental leave and their partners  


1:1 Professional guidance from an Online Postnatal Consultant and Coach

Access from the privacy of your own home

Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Duo, Coviu

Build your confidence and promote sleep for family wellbeing in 6 weeks

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Tahna Leader is a Postnatal Consultant and Coach operating online since 2013. She started The Baby Leader after almost 20 years of international in-home hands-on experience with babies and their families.


With her post-graduate education, Tahna is differentiated by parents for her sensitive and informed approach to postnatal care.


Her clients include professionals, executives, expatriates, celebrities, and royal families amongst others.


Tahna offers parents 1:1 online consulting packages for their baby’s first year and a Newborn Wellbeing and Support Program exclusively for employees taking parental leave and their partners. 

Child's Room

Benefits of Engaging Tahna

How Tahna Can Guide You



Be informed by the latest baby care and nurture information and research, unique to your family.


Feel supported and encouraged throughout your postnatal journey. Like a virtual hug!


Experience wellbeing with tailored strategies for all the practical things like sleep, settling and routine.


Stay safe from SIDS and COVID during the first year and beyond with up-to-date information.


Tahna Leader (maternity nanny who shows you how to put your baby into a routine. She got triplets sleeping through the night at 6 weeks- yep, all 3 of them in the same room. She is a genius this lady!)

Bec Judd - Celebrity

Tahna’s Newborn Support Package has been life-changing. The six-week program was flexible and worked in with our son’s individual needs as well as what worked with our family. Tahna is not only professional but extremely knowledgeable. I learned so much from her years of experience and have grown as a first-time mother, learning invaluable tips throughout some challenging periods with our newborn. We now have a happy baby that is loving a consistent sleep routine and best of all sleeping through the night. I would highly recommend investing in this program.

Nicole - Deloitte Consulting

My experience with Tahna has been absolutely fantastic! She is a genius at all things baby and has helped me to feel more confident with Motherhood. She has helped me to trust myself to know what's best for me and my baby as there is so much information out there. She is just BRILLIANT!

Evette - Stay-at-home Mum

Tahna for the amazing breadth of knowledge she has, the way she can read the emotional needs of infants and her supportive but understated nature at what is a very vulnerable time for a young family but also essential in terms of building the solid foundations for a hopefully well balanced person and family.

Petra - Archelogist

I've actually been thinking about your approach a lot lately and was really impressed with how you manage to balance both the development needs of the baby and emotional and physical (i.e. sleep - haha) needs of the mum/parents. I think it's both respectful and effective, but also lacking from the current mainstream resources/support available for mums - so keep up the good work! You really are at the "frontline" of this area.

Kimberlie - Psychologist

I can't recommend Tahna highly enough. We were so lucky to come across Tahna at exactly the right moment. It was chaos in our house. We hadn't slept more than 2 hours per night for 4 weeks and we were totally overwhelmed. We'd tried other services and they weren't able to soothe our little boy or help us get some rest. Tahna came along and our house was quiet within 20 minutes! We were so completely happy to have found her. Tahna is someone who understands child psychology and has a genuine interest in what's going on with your child. Tahna educated us on various techniques to assist, and within a week or two we were able to take it all on ourselves. The peace of mind of finding someone who can soothe your crying baby is totally priceless. Highly recommend for anyone with a screamer!

Yvette - Stay-at-home Mum

I cannot speak more highly of the consultation service Tahna provides. Within moments I felt at ease and was able to honestly communicate my struggles without judgement. I came away from the 20 minute conversation with a renewed confidence and more importantly a realistic plan of how to approach the new day with my son. Thank-you.

Rachael - Business Professional

Thank-you for everything. Our baby slept through the night again with minimal effort. It has been wonderful, I have passed on your contact and will be singing your praises forever".

Sheila - Marketing Executive

Tahna was extremely helpful in refocusing us on our issue with our 5 month old's sleeping patterns. After taking her advice we saw almost immediate changes and our son is sleeping unassisted through the night. I would highly recommend her to all parents looking for expert advice. She was calm, concise and extremely helpful.

Brad - Stay-at-home Dad

Meeting you changed our world!! You know I'm forever grateful for the full night sleep that we all get👍🏼☀️🌈 PS you were fun to hang out with and your wisdom and knowledge was priceless ❤️.

Rebecca - Management Executive

Ditto to Rebecca's message - you played such an important role in shaping Baby and my bond and giving Baby the best start possible to life  😍


Tahna was extremely helpful with helping us get our 1 year old daughter into a more regular sleeping routine. Tahna was able to give us multiple tips on settling our daughter and getting her to feel comfortable in her cot, something that we have struggled with almost since birth. Tahna has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to child development we would highly recommend.

Tahnee - Stay-at-home Mum

I write this testimonial as I sit down to eat some lunch, after confidently putting my six month old son to bed for his long lunch nap. If you had of told me two months ago that I'd be doing that and feeling as relaxed about parenting as I do right now, I would have laughed. Our experience with Tahna has changed our lives for the better. Before we met, I had some pre conceived ideas about what I thought things should look like (particularly with regards to sleep) but it was safe to say that after four months of barely any sleep at all, it was having a huge impact on all of us and we needed some help. We decided to purchase the 'Newborn Package' because had tried a one size fits all approach before and it didn't work for us. Tahna spent time getting to know my husband and I, our family dynamic and our parenting style. Each week I learnt more and more about my son, his little personality traits and behaviour and how to respond to these to ensure I was meeting his needs best. Tahna's ability to gently coach/guide me to what felt right for us all is what I believe the key to the success we are feeling now. The routine we eventually developed for Tom was tailored to him and his needs, not something generic I found on the internet - this is what makes Tahna so unique. Because of this approach, I found my confidence again and our family has never been happier! I can't recommend Tahna more highly and I will most certainly be going back for more when the next set of challenges arise - asking for help was the best thing we ever did!

Lee - Business Professional

As first time parents we were completely blindsighted by the ever changing patterns of our daughters sleep and the complete science that is baby sleep! Having to hold her to sleep and while she slept was hell and as a result, we battled with sleep deprivation and struggled to enjoy time spent with our newborn daughter. We were lost and down often until Tahna put us on a path of discovery. Discovery of us a parents, as husband and wife and the wonderful little human that is our daughter. We cannot recommend Tahna and her services enough. Her calm and judge free approach to understanding us and how we were parenting and how we’d like to parent gave us great confidence. From there we took a step back as we were moving too fast for our daughter and expecting too much from her too early. With Tahna’s help we were quickly able to identify these signs and adjust our approach. 2 months on and we feel empowered, in control and genuinely enjoy being parents and spending time together as a family. Initially we purchased the Newborn Package and have since started seeing Tahna on a monthly basis to ensure we’re on the right path and confident with the next change in her development. Implementing a routine gives us structure and a great foundation to build on each day. Do not think twice about Tahna’s service, she is incredible and will change your life!

Stacey - Finance Professional

I found this experience invaluable, especially trying to navigate through my experience as a new mum. The sessions were personally tailored to what I needed, and so much helpful information was provided along the way. Tahna is very personable and lovely to talk to. I felt my confidence grow after each session. I would highly recommend the newborn package to mums!

Jessica – Veterinary Nurse 

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