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Premium Experience

Exclusively available toAustralia's top employees!

The Baby Leader's Premium Experience is ideal for employees bringing home a new baby for the very first time. This experience, consisting of 10 one-to-one online appointments designed to accelerate your confidence, is la crème de la crème in newborn support. 
You get 6 consecutive weekly appointments beginning within three-months of your baby's birth, followed by 4 self-paced appointments that you can book at any time during the first 12 months. 
Unparalleled in the industry of private services for children and families, The Baby Leader Premium Experience is just the beginning to a happy and healthy home life with your new baby.
Each individually designed appointment has a duration of 45 minutes and is accessed from the comfort of your own home using the most secure video link technology on the internet designed by Australia's CSIRO . 
For pricing, please ask your HR department or email me directly at tahna@thebabyleader.com
Be Informed. Feel Supported. Do Well.