Consulting Packages and coaching SERVICES

Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Duo, Coviu 
Full coverage Consulting package 

Unlimited reasonable access 

Having a professional at your fingertips during your baby's first year is invaluable. With the Full Coverage option, you can access Tahna when you want and need her by phone, video call, message, or email for the entire first year of your parenting journey.

Premium Coaching experience

10 x 45 minute Sessions 

Perfect for first time parents this Coaching Experience consists of six consecutive weekly sessions in the first three months after birth, followed by four self-paced sessions at anytime in the first 12 months. Everything you need to get started with confidence, foster healthy sleep habits and support family wellness! 

Newborn Support Package 

6 x 45 minute Sessions

Our flagship package! Every parent knows the value of support in the early days. If you have a baby under 6 months old then this is the package for you. Be informed, feel supported, have wellness, and stay safe in the postnatal period and beyond. This package builds parental confidence and promotes sleep for family wellness in 6 weeks. 

Single Session

60 mins 

Uniquely tailored to your needs this single session with Tahna will help you to establish where you are now and where you're going on your parenting journey at any age. Great as an additional session following any of our packages! 

Sleep solutions Package

4 x 45 minute Sessions

While we think that sleep is best addressed as part of a holistic support service for the postnatal period and beyond, we recognise that when you have a baby over 6 months old you might only want to talk about sleep and that's ok, Sleep Solutions is for you. 

Expatriate/Repatriate Package

8 x 45 minute Sessions

Having a baby whilst being an expatriate or at any time after repatriation brings additional challenges to the parenting journey. This package includes everything covered in the Newborn Support Package and understands and addresses the challenges faced by new parents with this additional international life experience.